AAAS – Science, Big Data & Human Rights

“Throughout the first day of this meeting, participants will deepen their knowledge about emerging human rights opportunities and concerns connected to Big Data, especially the implications for the work of scientists and engineers. Sessions will explore how collection, analysis, and access to massive data sets can impact human rights, both positively and negatively, and will identify ways in which human rights principles offer guidance for responsible data use. A live webcast of the meeting will be available.”


Speakers include: Jessica Wyndham, AAAS; R. David Edelman, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (invited); Samir Goswami, LexisNexis; Emmanuel Letouzé, Data-Pop Alliance / MIT Media Lab; Jeramie Scott, Electronic Privacy Information Center; Moderator: Jay Aronson, Center for Human Rights Science, Carnegie Mellon University; Max Richman, DataKind DC Chapter / GeoPoll

Session include Plenary Session: Big Data in the Service of Human Rights: Opportunities and Responsibilities: Massive data sets are opening up new opportunities for human rights research, documentation, monitoring, and action. Using case studies, speakers in this session will delve into some of the potential applications of Big Data to advance human rights, as well as the potential dangers. Panelists: Megan Price, Human Rights Data Analysis Group; Mark Latonero, University of Southern California, Data & Society Research Institute; Kalev H. Leetaru, Georgetown University; Moderator: Patrick Vinck, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

See agenda:

“Since the launch of the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition in January 2009, Coalition meetings have convened scientists, engineers, and health professionals with human rights leaders and policy makers to discuss emerging issues at the nexus of science and human rights. The Coalition serves as a catalyst for the increased involvement of scientific and engineering associations and their members in human rights-related activities.”



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