Belgian Privacy Watchdog Hails Facebook Court Ruling

BRUSSELS—Belgium’s privacy watchdog on Tuesday hailed a Brussels court decision ordering Facebook Inc. to stop tracking nonmembers in the country without their consent.

The Belgian Privacy Commission had brought the case against Facebook in June, accusing the company of raking in personal data of its users as well as nonmembers, without asking for consent or adequately explaining how the data would be used.

A Brussels court this week ordered Facebook to stop trackingInternet users not registered with the social media site or pay a daily fine of €250,000 ($269,000). Once it receives the court’s official action order, Facebook will have 48 hours to comply with the ruling.

For actual Facebook members, the court deemed these users have given their consent to be tracked through social plug-ins when signing up to site and that consequently this didn’t pose a problem.

Still, the privacy watchdog welcomed the ruling. “I am very pleased with the court’s decision; it’s all that we ask,” said Willem Debeuckelaere, president of the Belgian Privacy Commission.

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