BlackBerry Priv has a big flaw: It’s a privacy flop


If only it wasn’t called the “Priv,” BlackBerry’s Android phone wouldn’t get me so wound up.

BlackBerry’s latest phone, an Android device, centers around two principles: “privilege” and “privacy,” which flat out makes no sense, except for the fact that according to those are the first two words that start with “priv.”

Privacy is tricky to protect, but it’s surprisingly easy to understand. Your privacy can relate to anything from your music and movie tastes, your text messages with that person you really like, or something as personal as your religion, beliefs, or views. It can also relate to where you are, who you talk to, your private information — such as a contacts list or your documents and photos. Privacy only really exists when you have control over it. You put a passcode on your phone to prevent someone else from accessing your private information.

Once you give up that control, you may no longer have privacy.

Privacy relies on the protection of your data. After spending a week with the Priv, I can tell you from the three most used apps on this phone:

  • Facebook accessed my location a total of 194 times in seven days.
  • Skype accessed my phone contacts list a total of 1,814 times in the past seven days.
  • Twitter accessed my location 704 times in the past seven days.

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