Internews Hosts Workshops on Internet Policy and Freedom of Expression in the Middle East and North Africa


Excerpt from Internews:

“Against a backdrop of tightening government restrictions on freedom of expression across the Middle East and North Africa, Internews recently held a series of four intensive workshops on Internet policy and digital safety. The two-day workshops served some 100 journalists, bloggers, netizens and members of civil society groups in Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Tunisia.

“In the two years since the uprisings in Tunisia and elsewhere, governments have begun to crack down on free expression,” said Jillian York, the lead trainer for the workshops. York, who serves as Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, continued, “These trainings provided journalists and other actors with a toolkit for addressing these issues.”

The workshops supported Internews’ overall goal of ensuring access to information for everyone. Laura Mottaz, Project Manager for Internews’ Global Internet Policy Project (GIPP), noted, “Many countries are at a precipice right now, in that they are just beginning to establish their first Internet policy regimes. This is a rare opportunity to work proactively to make sure that these new policies protect online freedom of expression and privacy around the world.”

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