Kuwait: Cybercrime Law a Blow to Free Speech

Kuwait: Cybercrime Law a Blow to Free Speech

(Beirut) – Kuwait’s new cybercrime law includes far-reaching restrictions on Internet-based speech that breach Kuwait’s obligations under international human rights law, Human Rights Watch said today. The National Assembly, which approved the law on June 16, 2015, should amend the law to remove these provisions.

The Cybercrime Law establishes criminal penalties for offenses such as hacking electronic systems and retrieving personal data without authorization, as well as fraud, publishing pornography, and engaging in human trafficking via the Internet. However, articles 6 and 7 also expand the reach of existing prohibitions on print publications to virtually all dissemination of information through the Internet, including online journalism and private use of social media and blogs.

Read more: https://www.hrw.org/news/2015/07/22/kuwait-cybercrime-law-blow-free-speech

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