– a mobile for social change nexus

From their website:’s vision is to help organizations make use of the most ubiquitous communications technology in the world with data, tools, and how-to resources; build a network of practitioners and technologists in a supportive community of practice; and highlight and explore the many innovative campaigns and projects — their lessons learned.

The global MobileActive community aggregates and builds upon the lessons learned from the pioneers in this field for the benefit of civil society organizations.


  1. Expand access to knowledge, ideas and experiences about the use of mobile technology to make the world a better place;
  2. Reduce learning costs for deploying mobile technology for civil society organizations;
  3. Accelerate the use of effective strategies and tactics of mobile use for NGOs;
  4. Provide a comprehensive platform for building partnerships, and for facilitating access to technology, know-how, and funding.”

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