Nigeria: Women, Stakeholders Seek Enabling Environment for Tech Village in Nigeria

Lagos — A number of stakeholders across various sectors, yesterday, converged on the Vanguard Media Limited Conference Room, in a roundtable session, calling on the Federal Government to create an enabling environment for “Tech Villages” in various parts of the country to promote e-commerce to the advantage of work-age mothers.

Speaking at the event titled Women, e-Commerce and the Work/life balance, participants described a “Tech Village” as an environment or a community where an office space is provided with internet structures and relevant equipment that enable people get online training facilities.

The participants are of the opinion that in a tech village, people are not told what to do but rather they are provided with enablement and support facilities like trainer, young people with interest and relevant background coming into that environment.

Michael Umogun, a market researcher explains further. “Here, structures are put in place, for example they are given office, internet plug-in and charges made at a very small amount for people to come in and talk to like minds on issues; exchanging ideas about new products and apps.

He pointed out that the most important thing is that they are provided with the facilities and environment, cheap and subsidized accommodation, cheap equipment and the youth and interested persons are left to handle the rest.

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