Physicians for Human Rights fights impunity in conflicts by using forensic evidence to put justice within the reach of many more people.

For too many people, especially those in places in conflict or emerging from conflict, justice is beyond their reach.

Physicians for Human Rights was founded on the idea that medical professionals and scientists possess unique skills that lend significant credibility to human rights investigations.

Physicians for Human Rights trains medical, legal and investigative professionals in some of the most challenging human rights environments—Afghanistan, Burma, Central Asia, the DRC, Syria and others—teaching them how to properly collect, analyze and preserve forensic evidence.

With forensic training and innovative technologies, Physicians for Human Rights supports increased local and international prosecutions of human rights violations. It fuels the aspiration that accountability can supplant impunity—contributing broadly to more stable, secure and just societies.

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Camilla Wood

UK based Legal Aid Lawyer

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