RFID chip technology, ultimate human rights violation

RFID chip technology is perhaps the ultimate covert weapon against humans, the ultimate means to abuse, to torture to death an individual, and used en mass, the ultimate tool for the demise of the human family, humanity itself.

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification, a small electronic device consisting of a small chip and an antenna. The chip, also called a spy chip, is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data or less. The antenna, contrary to popular belief, both emits and receives information, even when embedded in the human body.

Each tiny chip, some now the size of nano particles that can be swallowed or inhaled, connects to an antenna that picks up electromagnetic energy beamed at it from a reader device.

When an RFID chip picks up electromagnetic energy, the chip sends back its unique identification number to the reader device, allowing the item or individual to be remotely identified, monitored – and stalked or spied upon. These spy chips can beam back information anywhere – from a couple of inches to up to 20 or 30 feet or more away.

Transnational corporations, some of the world’s largest product manufacturers, have been plotting behind closed doors since 1999 to develop and commercialize RFID technology to replace the bar code, while the military has already begun implanting soldiers with chips. RFID tags are not an “improved bar code” as proponents espouse, nor or they to simply help soldiers heal from battlefield brain injuries, as the military espouses.

RFID technology differs from bar codes four ways:

1. Today’s bar code technology enables every can of Coke with the same bar code number as every other can in the world. Today’s RFID enables each can of Coke to have a unique ID number, one that can be linked to the person buying it when the can is scanned and a credit card or frequent shopper card is used. This is part of an “item registration system.”

2. A bar code must be read a close distance. A chip can be read from a long distance, straight through clothes, wallet or purse — without the owner’s knowledge or consent — by anybody with the right reader device. It gives strangers x-ray vision powers to stalk, spy on, identify both the individual person, what the individual is wearing and carrying. (No wonder the crime of stalking is exploding.)

3. A bar code has no health impact. RFIDs are bad for health in a world where RFID reader devices are everywhere – in stores, in floors, in doorways, on airplanes — in refrigerators and medicine cabinets of homes – continually bombarding electromagnetic energy at the human body. Long-term health effects of chronic exposure to the energy emitted by these devices can be lethal, as surviving self-identified Targeted Individuals are experiencing and reporting.

4. A bard code cannot emit no-touch torture. RFID chips do not only emit information. They also receive information or energy. This energy can inflict torture – and invisible, no-touch torture. Thousands of innocent targeted individuals experience physical and mental injury from being assaulted with chip technology, a top secret weapon now covertly deployed in unsuspecting communities worldwide.

The U.S. military has already begun secretly brain-chipping soldiers and in fact, most Americans have been chipped without their knowledge or consent.

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Camilla Wood

UK based Legal Aid Lawyer

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