Surf Like Snowden: Lebanon Libraries Offering Privacy-Friendly Flash Drives

Lebanon — Not too long ago, former CIA employee turned privacy activist Edward Snowden had some high praise for librarians after Lebanon officials decided to continue their involvement with the privacy network Tor, maintaining their position as the first library in the country to host a relay point*.

(DHS, of course, is the Department of Homeland Security. And although law enforcement officials have maintained that Homeland Security simply alerted New Hampshire authorities to the potential for Tor’s abuse by criminals,privacy advocates have hailed Lebanon’s decision as a victory for free speech and personal privacy.)

Now, riding that wave of excitement since the Tor decision and Snowden’s approval by tweet, library officials have planned an evening of privacy-activism fun at the Kilton Public Library this upcoming Tuesday, starting at 6:30 p.m. It includes a screening of a documentary about Snowden and the distribution of 35 free USB drives containing a computer operating system, Linux-based Tails.

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