Tech companies move to rectify glaring gender gap

Tech companies move to rectify glaring gender gap

Internet behemoth Google put the global technology industry on notice in 2014 when it released a study that showed even the most progressive of companies had a massive gender gap.

It prompted other tech giants Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo to release their own diversity reports. Virtually all showed similarly disturbing gender gaps. Music streaming group Pandora was one of the few exceptions.

A year on, nothing, yet everything, has changed. Women still represent 30 per cent of the Google workforce, but tech companies globally are frantically trying to rectify the male-dominated workplace and image.

They are also trying to fix the gender gap in the industry at large. In June Intel, which has a workforce comprising 77 per cent men, set up a $US150 million ($205 million) fund to invest in technology start-ups run by women.

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