There’s A Cyber Surveillance Arms Race Raging In The Third World

Daily Caller

Let the race for cyber supremacy begin — in Mongolia.

Citizen Lab, a Toronto-based technology and human rights research facility, released a report Oct. 15 that detailed the use of a set of spyware tools sold exclusively to governments—a number of which are developing nations.

Citizen Lab found “32 countries where at least one government entity is likely using the spyware” tools from FinFisher, a German corporation, whose clients are primarily law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Ethiopia, Turkmenistan, Kazakstan, Indonesia, and Kenya were all listed in the report as nations having received the spyware tools.

Citizen Lab, on a limited scale, was also able to identify the exact government agency that utilized the software and also included a warning in the report: “[A] number of countries have dubious or problematic histories of oversight of the security services.”

Bangladesh’s Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), Egypt’s Technology Research Department (TRD), Serbia’s Security Information Agency (BIA), and Mongolia’s Special State Security Department (SSSD) were all suspected of using the spyware tools

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