Turkey briefly blocks access to Twitter over bombing images

Turkey briefly blocks access to Twitter over bombing images

Turkey briefly blocked access to Twitter on Wednesday to prevent images of Monday’s deadly bombing from being broadcast and to stop Twitter users from calling for protests against the government, which they blamed for not doing enough to prevent the attack, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

The dispute highlighted the tensions in Turkey after the suicide bombing Monday in the southeastern border city of Suruc, which killed 32 people and wounded scores. Turkish officials say the Suruc bombing is part of a retaliation campaign by the Islamic State group for the government’s crackdown on its operations in Turkey.

Access to Twitter in Turkey was restored a few hours later Wednesday. A government official said Turkey had asked Twitter to remove 107 URLs with images of the bombing’s aftermath. Twitter had removed about 50 of the URLs before it was blocked.

A Turkish government official said access to Twitter was restored after the company “removed malicious content, including hate speech, in line with the court order.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of rules that bar officials from speaking to journalists without authorization.

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