Twitter under pressure to introduce better abuse reporting mechanisms following threats to freelance journalist and campaigner in U.K.

Twitter’s general manager in the U.K. has announced that the micro-blogging site will work to simplify abuse reporting mechanisms following a deluge of abuse and rape threats to freelance journalist and campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez.

The abuse followed the success of Criado-Perez’s campaign to have Jane Austen appear on the redesign of the British ten pound note. So far, one man has been arrested in connection with the threats but pressure has mounted on twitter to provide better mechanisms to report abusive tweets. Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has called the response of Tony Wang, Twitter U.K. general manager, “weak” and “inadequate.” In response to the tweets, a petition has been set up, calling on the site to introduce a ‘Report Abuse Button.’

For more on this story, see PC Mag article here.


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