UN privacy rapporteur invokes Orwell and calls for global digital privacy

The UN Diplomatic Council, a thinktank, said that Cannataci’s position on the “privacy versus Orwellian surveillance state in the age of universal digitisation” is the right one.

“There is an instant need for global legislation to control the escalating data acquisitiveness of the big internet corporations,” said UN Diplomatic Council director Dr Dorian Hartmuth in a statement.

“There is an urgent need to bring about a harmonisation via the UN, which guarantees the people all over the world a digital privacy.”

Cannataci can pretty much take or leave what the internet offers, according to an interview with The Guardian, and has, for example, eschewed the positives of social networking and Facebook. We like him already.

“Some people were complaining because they couldn’t find me on Facebook. They couldn’t find me on Twitter,” he told the paper. “But since I believe in privacy, I’ve never felt the need for it.”

Cannataci wants a global rule to rule them all on surveillance systems, and believes that such collaboration would encourage the most dystopian of governments to embrace the change.

This is perhaps a reach, particularly when you consider how some geographies tackle human rights. That’s OK. There is no overnight plan, rather a drawn out process that will gather support and strength as it grows.

“Some people may not want to buy into it. But, you know, if one takes the attitude that some countries will not play ball then, for example, the chemical weapons agreement would never have come about,” he explained.

“I would say it’s impossible to achieve in three years, and it’s probably impossible to achieve even if the mandate is renewed to six years, if you’re trying to do too much. The impact must be felt in the long term.”

The rapporteur kept rapping and dissed the situation in the UK, saying that it is even worse than George Orwell predicted.

“Today there are many parts of the English countryside where there are more cameras than George Orwell could ever have imagined. So the situation in some cases is far worse already,” he added.

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