Valerie Plame: The Spy Who Came in to the Code

Since her cover was famously blown, former covert CIA operative Valerie Plame is more openly protecting the country’s digital assets. In May, the author and anti-nuclear activist joined the advisory board of Global Data Sentinel, developer of a cybersecurity platform designed to encrypt and protect across domains, networks, and devices.

Plame spent much of her time at the CIA combatting nuclear proliferation until senior members of the George W. Bush administration leaked her identity to the media. Now careless or disruptive employees, hackers, and other cybercriminals threaten to disturb the financial and health records of millions of Americans each day. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) breach alone could impact up to 21.5 million people; thieves may have stolen data including fingerprint and sensitive background information, as well as financial and health data.

Plame recently participated in an email interview with EnterpriseTech. She answered many questions, but passed on those the publication posed about Edward Snowden. Here are her responses:

EnterpriseTech: Why do many recent breaches – such as the Office of Personnel Management – point to the Chinese government?
Valerie Plame: The White House has not officially named China responsible for the cyber attack but the NSA has been gathering evidence to support that theory and the NY Times recently reported that President Obama is considering a way to retaliate against China for the OPM breach.

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