Will corporate human rights reports become the norm?

Will corporate human rights reports become the norm?

The methodology is the U.N. Guiding Principles Reporting Framework, a questionnaire that asks businesses to probe their most salient human rights issues and the measures they are taking to address them.

The 31-question survey is essentially a toolkit, catered specifically to help companies uphold the standards of business and human rights the United Nations set forth in 2011. The idea is for a thorough response to serve as a snapshot of a company’s implementation of the U.N. Guiding Principles.

“This is our road map toward knowing how to either begin or continue on the road to respecting human rights in practice,” said Julie Schindall of Shift, a civil society initiative that helped design the framework, which launched in February. “Business had been looking for a way to implement the guiding principles. This is the way.”

Global consumer goods giant Unilever last month became the first company to produce a stand-alone account of its human rights issues in lockstep with the reporting framework. While Swedish mobile technology company Ericsson issued a similar report in April, it chose to present its findings as part of a broader annual report on sustainability issues.

Ericsson, the first information and communications technology company to adopt the framework, added its findings to its broader sustainability reports. That method of reporting by no means diminishes the company’s efforts to examine its human rights issues. Rather, experts suggest that type of integrated reporting is a useful way for companies to honor their commitments while not having to reinvent the wheel.



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